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Electrolab Physical Testing


  • Dissolution Testers: Automatic height positioning for USP 1, 2, 5, 6, intrinsic test methods and also allows user specified height.
  • Disintegration Testers: Comply with USP, IP, Ph.Eur specifications. Individual motor and timer with external probe for each basket.
  • Friability Testers: 10° tilt facility as per USP. Supports standard and abrasion drum. Programmable counter and timer.
  • Tablet Testing: Weight, Thickness, Diameter/Length, Width, Hardness. Touch screen display
  • Tap Density Tester: Supports USP 1 (300 taps/min) and USP 2 (250 taps/min)
  • Bulk Density Tester: For fine powders. Complies with USP, Ph.Eur and ASTM specifications
  • Powder Flow Tester: Manual system with outflow openings 10mm, 15mm and 25mm as per Ph.Eur


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About Electrolab

Electrolab established in 1984, manufactures pharmaceutical testing equipment and peristaltic pumps which are used in several industries.Electrolab exports 50% of its production worldwide.


The company has a well-trained production team supported by in-house CAD, software, hardware design engineers and well established vendors to support production target and a management that understands the importance of quality and timely delivery. This together with a flexible production process and cost effective operations has enabled it to be competitive, responsive and reliable.

The company provides validation and prompt after sales service for its customers needs

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