Heath Scientific is focused on supplying instruments for pharmaceutical physical testing plus software for permeability and dissolution prediction.

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Electrolab Instruments

Range of devices for physical testing of pharmaceuticals.
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Software for permeability and prediction analysis.
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Software used to model dissolution – pH characteristics of drug-like ionisable molecules.
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About Us


Heath Scientific, distributors of innovative, analytical tools for the scientific community worldwide.

Established in 1995, Heath Scientific Co Ltd acts as a distributor for several instrument companies across the UK and Central Europe. Our main focus is on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic markets, providing and supporting state of the art instrumentation and software.

As well as an active Sales and Marketing unit, Heath Scientific Co Ltd offer a comprehensive service facility with trained engineers for maintenance and service support. With over 400 clients in Europe, our aim is to continue providing effective sales and support for existing suppliers; in addition to introducing innovative new technologies that compliment our current product range.

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